viii_o8s (viii_o8s) wrote in bigfatlosers,

hey guys,

So I haven't lost any weight since the 10 pound drop, probably because I've been stressing out about school and i'm anxious to finally go on my trip at the end of the month, BUT today I'm going to get back on track (2 weeks left to lose about 5 more pounds).. I hope all of you are doing well!
I recently stumbled upon Kelis's new album (yeah, I know, I never really thought anything of her after "milkshake" came out either) and her songs are great to workout too! My faves are:
Brave - Kelis
Home - Kelis
4th of July - Kelis

So.. I know this is coming out of nowhere but its been a huge part of my weightloss struggle. When I began to become serious about dropping the pounds it was because I wanted to look better than someone in my family that I get compared to a lot.. But then when I lost the first ten I started to really become comfortable with the way my body was. I know that ten pounds isnt anything dramatic, but it made enough of a difference that I now realize that I am who I fucking am.. No matter if I weigh 30 pounds heavier or lighter... It was basically all a reminder that what I am on the inside is going to count for how beautiful I am, and not just what I'm wearing or what I look like on the outside..

Anyways, Take care guys
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