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bigfatlosers's Journal

Step Away From The French Fries
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This community was created and is maintained by ilikeanikon so that she and her friend, broncogirl, can hold each other accountable in learning to live a healthier life.

Anyone interested in keeping a food, exercise, healthy lifestyle diary is welcome to join and participate, no matter what diet or program you are following. We only ask that you be respectful of the fact that so many people follow different plans; please don't seek to "convert" anyone, and don't put down people's choices to follow different plans than yours (in other words, don't tell people who are following high carb/low fat plans that their way is wrong and that Atkins is the only way to go). Not every plan is appropriate for every person.


Weekly weigh-ins: Friday (posting weight is not necessary - simply state how many pounds you lost, gained, or remained the same)

Weekly "off" day(s): Optional. We're encouraged to post food diaries even on our "off" / "cheat" days and moments, as it may help us eat such foods in reasonable, healthy moderation.

Daily: Food journal. Exercise journal.

Optional daily: Highs, lows, when and why you were tempted to "cheat" or binge, and what you chose to do instead (replacing a negative behavior/thought with another).

Optional other: posts stating you've gone down a clothing size, posts stating percentage of your weight you've lost.

Encourage each other, even on bad days, and hold one another accountable.