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Hello! I'm Ixxi, and I'm new in town, metaphorically...just got here after deciding that it's about time I got back to a healthier way of life.

My dear boyfriend, who is a naturally thin guy with a magical metabolism, has THE worst diet ever and I've allowed his eating to influence mine over the last year and a bit that we've lived together. Sadly, in that time, I've also had major spinal surgery and was out of exercising action for about six months... and consequently gained ten or so of the kilos I worked so hard to lose in 2009. I lost a total of 26kg then and before that, in 2004, I shed 38kg, all with healthy eating and regular exercise! I was once 139kg... and from 101kg I got down to 85kg... now I think I'm back up around 98kg and quite distraught about it... D:

I'm an utter carboholic, which is terrible, since my metabolism turns it straight into fat... So, at the moment, I'm returning to my 90% vegetarian ways, eating paleo-style foods and practising fasting... exercise discipline to follow.

I'm four days in - I didn't start on Jan 1 because my brother was visiting and I didn't want to miss out on the social eating aspect, which is a recurrent theme for me, really!

Oh, and I won't be weighing myself often... mainly because I don't have any scales!

So far, so food... er, good, though!!

I'm here for support and to be supportive!
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