heather_marsh08 (heather_marsh08) wrote in bigfatlosers,

Facing my giant...

 ass. sorry for the language. I'm back again people! And this time, for good. Seriously. Here is a bit of an update on my life:

I got engaged! Yay! Evan and I have been engaged since March 6th, 2010. Our wedding date is set for May 21st, 2011. I purchased my wedding dress a few weeks ago...size 22 from David's Bridal...I'm hoping to HAVE to bring it in to be brought in a month before the wedding.

I've gained a crap-ton of weight...I've decided NOT to look back at my previous entries on here for my own sanity and guilt, maybe I will one day. Anywho...

I went on MediFast at the beginning of the summer and lost 20 pounds, and I've gained (roughly) ten of it back. I grew sick of it (literally, I couldn't stomach the food after a month), and from there on maintained the weight I had lost. Then I began Nutrisystem a few weeks ago, and failed miserably at that...so, now I'm just trying to figure out what I am going to do...I've decided that doing the pre-packaged meals isn't for me, and I need to accept that. So, if anyone has any suggestions for a good low-cal lifestyle change, please thrust your knowledge upon me! Seriously. I need help. Thank you! I'm excited to get my life back on track

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