viii_o8s (viii_o8s) wrote in bigfatlosers,

Progress ..sort of

I lost 8 pounds so far! yay! I'm now 137lbs from 145lbs.
So I've been working out on the treadmill for about 45-60 minutes 5 days a week along with light weight lifting to tone up my arms which I do 3 times a week, and I've restricted my eating to the following: fruits, nuts, vegetables, chicken, eggs, and fish. NO MORE processed foods or beef for me for a very long time.. Especially if I want to lose about 15 more pounds by the end of this month!

Lately I've actually been pretty motivated! My good friend lost about 15 pounds and it really made me feel good about losing weight because I always feel constantly critisized by the people around me for being on a diet and losing the weight (I honestly feel like they want me to stay fat sometimes..), but having her around to talk to and eat healthy with makes things a bit easier.

Hope all you guys are staying motivated to lose the weight! Remember: first you make the committment, then the motivation and dedication will follow, but you must hold on to all three in order to acheive success.

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