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Hi everyone :)
So I'll start off by introducing myself and letting you guys know why I've come to this community, My name's Neena, I'm 19, and I've been making a serious attempt for the last few months to begin losing weight and eating healthier.. My whole life I've been an average size (meaning I've never been very overwieght, but I've never been thin and toned either) and although this never really bothered me in the past, in the last 2 years I have really been bothered by this.. The case use to be that I only wanted to lose weight to look thinner, but for the past month I've been working out (on a regular basis) and found that it really helped me to deal with stress, plus I really enjoyed going for runs outside. As of lately I have set a goal to lose 20 pounds by the month of August. I chose this time frame because I felt it was acheivable and because I will be going on a roadtrip on Aug 2nd to see family that I haven't seen in a while (this sounds terrible, but I really want to impress them). Although being healthy and impressing people is a great motivation, my biggest motivation is that I have been average my entire life (meaning: average grades, average style, average personality) and now finally I feel that it is my time to shine and be better than average.

I'm 5'4" and my current weight is 140lbs; I started off at the beginning of this month at 145lbs, and wasn't really losing weight because I hadn't changed my diet. Once I changed my diet, I lost that 5lbs in one week! Yeah! It's a big deal! Lol.. Still working hard to get at 120lbs though.

So there you have it, theres my introduction and I really hope to support you guys and get support back from you guys, because it really is tough doing this alone (especially when you feel like all your friends are able to eat anything without having to work out atleast once a week!).. Take care! Stay motivated!
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