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Being held accountable - gulp -

Happy Monday!

My name is Arlene, I am new to the community, and I feel like in some ways this must be what an AA meeting intro sounds like.."My name is Arlene, and I like to eat".  I can almost here you guys responding in my head, "Hi Arlene" LOL. 

I'm happy to be here, among other people that share some of my problems.  The reason I joined LJ was to open up a public blog/journal series where I could publish my current weight (gasp!) my goals and the journey between now and September 30th, the 5 month deadline that I have to loose 60 lbs, before I go wedding dress shopping.  My LJ username is fatesunderstudy.  Feel free to follow and leave comments galore, and most of all hold me accountable!  


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